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Risk Management

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 Regulatory training, both on-site and online
 Consultation with industry specialists
 Pool-wide and member-specific data analysis

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Christian Summers
Director of Risk Management

The PERMA risk management department benefits from a cutting edge approach to data usage that identifies and highlights specific opportunities for New York State municipal employers to mitigate risk. PERMA risk management takes a tailored approach when looking at members’ unique risks, advising the allocation of resources and providing solutions to reduce risk and injury while on the job. PERMA has made major investments to implement a focus on multidimensional claims data analysis, as well as gathering the best specialists in the industry.

PERMA risk management offers a variety of delivery methods for consultative training, safety information distribution, best practices development, and detailed data analytics reporting. PERMA methods have shown to decrease claim frequency and cost.


 Claim trend analysis on both a pool-wide and member-specific basis
 Targeted training recommendations

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Christian Summers
Director of Risk Management

Through the use of specialized predictive modeling and data analytics, PERMA transforms how risk services operate. Members can utilize individualized risk profiles, which highlight areas of improvement. Our specialists will then recommend targeted risk services or interventions to minimize injuries while keeping costs down.


 OSHA/PESH regulatory training
 PERMA Safety Institute (PSI), an online learning resource
 PERMA DVD library
 Distracted driver simulator

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Sigrid Vompa
Safety Training Coordinator

PERMA offers online and in-person training that satisfies specific regulatory annual training requirements for diverse departments, as well as providing additional assistance and training based on loss exposure level.

In addition, PERMA offers to members both an online safety training portal and a curated collection of videos. The DVD library, accessible via the PERMA website, housed almost 200 safety videos on topics that include disaster management, lockout/tagout, and sexual harassment.

The PERMA Safety Institute (PSI) is an online learning management resource for members who want to conduct their training and education on their own time. PSI has over 160 classes, tailored by municipal department, and available for assignment to employees by their employer. Each member can appoint group administrators to manage user accounts, assign courses, and monitor employee progress. Much of the annual refresher training required of municipalities by PESH can be completed through PSI.


 Police resources, including PTSD awareness and 207-c
 Fire resources, including 207-a and data/injury analysis
 DPW resources, including departmental best practices, management engagement, and internal policy review
 Crossing guard training
 Facility consultation

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Pete Frisoni
Public Safety Risk Management Specialist

Ed Starowicz
Public Works Risk Management Specialist

PERMA utilizes the knowledge and experience of Pete Frisoni to provide guidance to member police agencies, fire/ems departments, and school districts in order to improve their operational safety.  Pete uses his 30 years of law enforcement experience to consult with members on policies and procedures and develop risk management solutions.

And PERMA specialist Ed Starowicz is your resource for public works and management solutions. Ed’s decades of experience in quality improvement and safety management for public and private entities makes him a valuable asset to the PERMA membership.

Like police, many injuries that occur on school ground are the result of physical engagement with constituents. Determining ways to keep school staff safe with tailored services is part of PERMA’s Risk Management approach. From facility and policy recommendation, to the latest conflict de-escalation techniques, PERMA is developing solutions for our valued member school districts.


 Facility risk assessments
 Claim trend identification and targeted training to address
 Ergonomic analysis and training

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Sarah O’Brien
Senior Risk Management Consultant

PERMA senior risk management consultant Sarah O’Brien conducts facility risk assessments free-of-charge to ensure members are in compliance with State and Federal regulations. Facility assessments also help determine if members are following best practices from a procedural and operational standpoint. Sarah prepares administrators, safety coordinators, and department heads for PESH inspections and provides recommendations that promote the safest work environments.

Our Team

Christian assists in the development of risk management services for members of PERMA. He also oversees risk management support staff and contracted vendors, and works closely with the risk management team in analyzing data to develop education and training programs targeting areas of high risk. With years of association management experience and a strong public sector background, Christian understands the needs of member-driven organizations like PERMA.

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Pete identifies hazards and works to reduce the risk of injury to those working in public safety and is an excellent resource for both basic questions and detailed data analysis. He has worked over three decades in the criminal justice field, most recently retiring as Chief of Police for the Village of Scotia. During his tenure as Chief, Pete served on the Board of Governors of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, as President of the Northeastern Chiefs of Police Conference, and as Vice President of the Zone 5 Law Enforcement Training Academy.

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Ed can provide detailed data analysis for member public works departments, as well as suggest trainings and supply operational guidance. He retired from the Town of Pittsford after 14 years of service as the Deputy Commissioner of Public Works. Ed is a Six Sigma-certified Quality Improvement Facilitator, and holds numerous certifications and licenses, including Landfill Operations, Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) and 30-hour OSHA training.

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Sarah O’Brien is responsible for conducting facility risk assessments and training required by federal and state labor safety agencies. She joined NEAMI in March 2014 as a case analyst, and moved from claims to risk management in 2016. Formerly, Sarah served as a public health specialist for the New York Department of Health, where her work focused on occupational injuries and illnesses, and as an environmental health associate for Columbia County (NY), where her work focused on injury prevention and control.

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Patrick Clare is responsible for conducting facility risk assessments and training required by federal and state labor safety agencies. Patrick comes to the PERMA team while holding a B.S. of Safety and Occupational Health Applied Sciences from Keene State College. Previously, Patrick has served as a Health and Safety Specialist in both Construction, as well as, General Industry settings which has provided him with a strong knowledge of both 1910 and 1926 standards.

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Sigrid has been providing support to PERMA members for nine years.  Utilizing her strong relationships and wealth of knowledge regarding annual and ancillary training, Sigrid does the legwork to source, schedule, and coordinate trainings for PERMA members. She joined NEAMI in 2009 as a provider coordinator, and transitioned to member services before joining the risk management department in 2015. Prior to joining NEAMI, Sigrid spent seven years as a volunteer coordinator for WMHT, a regional public broadcaster.

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