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Many of the benefits to be found in a PERMA membership lie in our vast library of resources. On this page, you will find many tools to assist injured employees, managers, HR professionals and those responsible for workplace safety. Please note: most of the resources below require a PERMA member login.



PERMA utilizes CorVel’s nationwide recommendation of care network – 12,000 providers and 80 hospitals in New York State alone – to save money on each employee visit through cost containment and disability management. Each provider is authorized by the NYS Workers’ Comp Board, and new doctors are being recruited for the network all the time.

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Employers: It is your responsibility to inform your injured employees of the Network, obtain a signed C-3.1 form, and send a copy to PERMA.


PERMA’s pharmacy benefit manager, Optum, operates a program that allows for injured workers to receive a 10-day supply of appropriate medication, at no cost, before their claim has even been accepted into the PERMA system. Only three qualifications must be met:

  • The prescription must be filled within 30 days of the date of injury
  • The prescription must fall under Optum’s medication formulary
  • The injured worker must go to a pharmacy within the Optum network (which includes all Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and Duane Reade pharmacies)

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One of PERMA’s top safety priorities is making certain that members are compliant with OSHA and PESH training requirements. To assist in compliance, PERMA provides all members:

  • A training matrix to assist in tracking employees’ needed training;
  • Access to hundreds of online courses through the PERMA Safety Institute (PSI). PSI allows employees to schedule training at their convenience and employers to track their employees’ progress through a full range of formatted reports;

Police & Fire

PERMA has always been concerned about the high cost, both financially and culturally, of firefighter and police officer injuries. We strive to provide guidance to our members at every stage of a claim, especially when they are dealing with the worst injuries, those that have their employees out on 207 (a) & (c) claims.

Recent work by PERMA’s data analyst confirmed what we had long suspected – police officers are the number one employee risk group in PERMA’s pool. We have now dedicated ourselves to changing that statistic, through the work of public safety risk management.

We are working on several approaches to the police risk issue, ranging from communication and training programs to suggested policies, procedures and equipment. If you would like more information, please contact Lew Moskowitz, Public Safety Risk Management Specialist.

Safety Materials

Best Practice Assessment (BPA)

Developed by PERMA three years ago, the BPA assesses a member’s risk from a number of angles, from program and training compliance to hazards assessment; from communications to management assumption of responsibility, and everything in-between. PERMA recommends that all members complete a self-assessment every year. There is always room for improvement.

Safety Committee Manual

One of the core tenets of PERMA membership is the development and maintenance of an effective safety committee. Managed properly, a safety committee can help prevent accidents and cut workers’ compensation costs. This manual will explain why a committee is important, how to start one, and how to grow participation and effectiveness.

Site Inspection Checklists

Though not all-inclusive, PERMA offers 41 safety checklists for many common procedures, worksites and pieces of equipment, including:

  • Confined space entry
  • Fire protection
  • Hand tools
  • Machine guarding
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Stairways
  • Ventilation
  • and many more!


We know that injuries are prevented not only by ensuring a safe workplace, but by encouraging workers’ general wellness, and then working with them to find suitable duties if they are injured. To that effect, PERMA assists members with the creation and implementation of transitional duty programs, and provides grants to members who have specific ideas for how to improve their workplace wellness culture.