February 14, 1-2pm

In October 2017, the PERMA Board of Directors approved a revised Program Agreement to unify all PERMA members under the same language, and all members have been asked to execute new agreements. To help clarify many of the changes in the agreements, we are bringing together Al Campney, senior director of underwriting and marketing, and Christian Summers, risk services program manager. Al and Christian will be talking about:

  • How the Payroll Classification, Contributions, and PERMA Advance Discounts section changed to better represent the PERMA underwriting process and how contributions are calculated.
  • Members’ liabilities in regards to their claims and the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board’s  (WCB) authority to determine PERMA’s solvency.
  • New detailed requirements for members to have a named Safety Coordinator and a Safety Committee that meets quarterly, at minimum. Data has shown that, historically, organizations with an engaged safety culture have lower loss frequency and severity than comparable organizations without active risk management.

Time will be left after the presentation for registrant questions.

Registration is available on the Calendar page.