PERMA is offering a grant program to provide financial assistance for Members who are first-time Lexipol policy manual subscribers. Under this program, Members will receive a 30% discount on their annual Lexipol manual subscription each year,  provided funds are available and PERMA membership is maintained. Current subscription costs vary and is dependent on the number of sworn members of the law enforcement agency. By accepting an award, Members agree to implement PERMA-designated Lexipol policies (relating to reducing the risk of injuries to officers) within the first year and authorize Lexipol to share implementation progress with PERMA’s Risk Management department in order to determine future funding eligibility.

Members not selected for this program who are current Lexipol subscribers will still receive the 10% Lexipol-provided discount.

To be considered for this grant please complete this form by December 31st.

Submissions: Completed applications can be completed online or emailed to Peter Frisoni via or faxed to (877) 737-6232.

Deadline: All applications must be received by December 31st.

Questions? Please contact Pete Frisoni, PERMA Public Safety Risk Management Specialist via or (518) 220-0383.

Apply today!