PERMA announces its continuation of our grant program to provide members with the ability to upgrade to bulletproof vest outer carriers. Today’s law enforcement officers carry more equipment on their duty belt than ever before. Averaging more than 20 pounds, all this extra weight is carried around the waist and hips of officers resulting in lower back injuries – the leading cause of both short-term and permanent disability for officers.  PERMA’s Risk Management team conducted this research and launched a pilot program in 2017 to determine if an outer carrier would reduce the frequency and cost of lower back claims.

Using an outer vest carrier allows equipment to be placed higher on the body, distributing the equipment weight up on the chest. As a result, the hips, lower back areas, and discomfort caused by the duty belt while seated in a patrol vehicle is reduced. This solution is a proven way to mitigate this targeted risk.

As a commitment to our Membership, PERMA will continue this grant program to incentivize Members to transition to using bulletproof vest outer carriers to reduce these injuries and claims. For additional information and further details, including our pilot program summary, please visit our grant page and application.

Questions? Please contact PERMA Public Safety Risk Management Specialist, Pete Frisoni.