LATHAM, N.Y., November 27, 2017 – PERMA, New York’s largest self-insured provider of workers’ compensation for public employers, announced today a new partnership with the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs (NYSAFC), a 10,000-member strong organization with a focus on the needs and concerns of all emergency services. The partnership will develop new and innovative risk management programs and safety initiatives for the benefit of New York’s fire community.

The partnership with NYSAFC will include their participation in PERMA member safety audits and other PERMA events. Most importantly, the partnership will lead to the identification and creation of risk management programs that are needed, but currently lacking, for PERMA and NYSAFC members.

“PERMA is deeply committed to the safety of career and volunteer fire professionals in New York State,” said Jeff Van Dyk, PERMA Executive Director. “We had been actively looking to add another strategic partner to our organization, when the opportunity with NYSAFC arose.  With this new partnership, PERMA fire departments and districts will receive the benefit of the Fire Chiefs’ century-old educational focus combined with PERMA’s first-class safety training.”

“The New York State Association of Fire Chiefs is committed to providing education and training for career and volunteer firefighters, officers and chiefs to ensure their safety in doing a dangerous job,” said Jerry Deluca, NYSAFC Executive Director and CEO. “Our partnership with PERMA will provide us with a new mechanism to reduce the risks faced by our members every day.  We look forward to working together to prevent injuries in New York State’s fire service.”

“Fire districts and departments, specifically volunteer organizations, have historically been difficult for PERMA to reach, primarily because of the unpredictable scheduling inherent in firefighting,” said Karen Braman, PERMA senior director of member services. “We are so pleased to have access to NYSAFC’s outreach network, in order to better communicate with our fire department members.”

The partnership will commence January 1, 2018.  Included within its parameters will be the awarding of $25,000 of safety grants to PERMA fire organization members. Additional information will be announced in the coming months.