The Public Employer Risk Management Association (PERMA), New York’s largest self- insured workers compensation public trust and the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police (NYSACOP), a 700-member organization focusing on the needs and concerns of police executives, are pleased to announce a new partnership that will create innovative risk management programs and safety initiatives.

“On behalf of the PERMA Board of Trustees, we are excited to announce this new partnership and work alongside NYSACOP to enhance our training and workshop opportunities for our membership and others in the public safety community.  PERMA has been at the forefront of promoting a culture of workplace safety through our robust risk management programming, targeted interventions, personalized claims handling and high caliber member service support.  As we face the challenges of the future, our partnerships become more critical to achieving our outreach and claimant care objectives” said Jerry Faiella, PERMA Interim Executive Director.

Chief Patrick Phelan, Greece Police Department and President of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police (NYSACOP) said, “The NYSACOP is pleased to announce our new partnership with PERMA.  We are fortunate to collaborate with the largest self-insured provider of workers compensation for NY public entities. We encourage our members to work closely with PERMA on risk management services for the well-being of their personnel.  Likewise, we encourage all municipal leaders to review and consider PERMA’s most valuable coverage for their municipalities.”

As part of the partnership, PERMA will examine the potential development of a grant program focused on officer safety and deliver relevant training, such as PTSD awareness, in order to help Members reduce injuries and the costs associated with them.

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