by Ed Starowicz, public safety risk management specialist

Fall is a key time for DPW to receive calls for pickup of dead animals on the road, particularly deer, whose population now number over one million in New York. NYS Department of Transportation provides detailed information for handling carcasses, and below are the proper procedures for decontamination of equipment.

  1. Use disposable gloves to pick up any animal carcasses.
  2. Place the animal in the truck using caution not to spread the carcass over a large area.
  3. Take the animal to the disposal location and return to highway garage for decontamination.
  4. Use a 10% Clorox solution to spray on the location where the animal was placed.
  5. If the animal did not bleed or leave any visible body fluids, just spray the truck bed. No wash down needed.
  6. If there was blood or other body fluid, spray the solution on the affected area, hose down, and flush the truck area to drain. Then respray the box area with the solution.
  7. Dispose of latex gloves in proper waste containers

Live animals in the truck must not touch the affected area until it is cleaned, due to cross contamination. Also, do not perform these tasks if you have an open wound, or touch your face or mouth while working with the carcass. Remember:

Safety is Everyone’s Business!