PERMA announces a new vendor partnership with TAG Solutions, a key organization providing technical assistance in business functions for cybersecurity, outsourced IT and Unified Communication- service of phone systems. With cybersecurity they focus on functions such as multifaction authentication, patch management, detection and response, security awareness training and more.

This collaboration will promote cybersecurity initiatives through TAG Solutions Cyberstone for local municipalities across the State to help members determine system vulnerabilities. As cybersecurity threats become a common concern, PERMA remains committed to providing unique resources to members. TAG’s cyber offerings will include options of a variety packaged services, cross promotion of events, access to training to enable the proper focus on cybersecurity threats.

“Latest news trends and member requests initiated the development of this vendor partnership. This is another strategic service for our members to utilize in case they did not know where to start. We look forward to this collaboration”, says Karen Braman, Vice President of Member Services.

PERMA members can anticipate seeing additional information regarding TAG Solutions offerings including event opportunities in the coming months. To learn more about TAG Solutions please visit