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PERMA’s grant program provides members with the opportunity to upgrade to bulletproof vest outer carriers. Research and a PERMA pilot program have shown that moving some equipment traditionally carried on a duty belt to an outer carrier with holders/pockets reduces lower back injuries and claims. A whitepaper detailing this pilot project can be found here.

Until now, these grant applications have only been accepted during a specified time. However, PERMA is now offering this grant on a continual basis. Applications can be submitted at any time. With this change, PERMA hopes more members will take advantage of the program. Funds are awarded on a first come/first served basis and will be fulfilled until they are exhausted each budget year (June 1–May 31).

This grant provides financial assistance to members who are interested in transitioning to the outer carriers, with a 50% reimbursement of the cost of new body armor and outer carriers. Since the program’s inception, PERMA has subsidized the purchase of 77 bulletproof vests and 193 outer carriers across 15 agencies providing more than $46,000 funds to those members.

Apply online today! Grant application and guidelines can also be downloaded here.

For information or questions regarding this grant program, please contact Public Safety Risk Management Specialist, Pete Frisoni via or (518) 220-0383.