Our new PERMA Member Claims Coordinator Certification Course is now available on the PERMA Safety Institute. One of our goals is to continually introduce and offer educational opportunities to guide our Members with administering their workers’ compensation program. This course will clarify the way to successfully oversee your program while being a liaison to PERMA.

What is a PERMA Member Claims Coordinator?

The PERMA Member Claims Coordinator is the individual responsible for managing day to day interaction with PERMA. As the main administrative contact between their employer and the PERMA staff, their primary focus is accurate and prompt completion and submission of various claim forms.

Are you a resource, facilitator or coordinator for the workers’ compensation activities with PERMA, your employer, and employees? If so, then this online course is for you!

Get certified today! This certification will include the following objectives:

  • Overview of properly filing claim related paperwork such as C-2F, C-3, C-240, C-107 and C-11 forms.
  • Coordinating efforts in return-to-work planning.
  • Distributing information and materials related to the workers’ compensation program.
  • Providing feedback to PERMA regarding overall program strengths and weaknesses.

Questions? Please contact the Member Services Department via memberservices@perma.org or (888) 737-6269 ext. 22188.