NEW! Highway & DPW Certification Trainings
Get your staff certified by enrolling in these different levels in PSI

From new hires to seasoned DPW/Highway managers, our Risk Management Department announces five distinct certifications to assist Highway and DPW personnel establish the proper safety training for staff. Our goal is to continue to assist members in promoting a safety culture throughout the work environment and the importance of safety awareness training. Listed below are the strategically designed certification course levels available in the PERMA Safety Institute (PSI)A detailed course outline for each level, associated time, and courses is available upon request.

Levels for Highway & DPW Certification Training:

New Hires | Basic and Advanced Levels

The basic level starts with eight different qualifying courses to help new personnel gain a fundamental understanding of their role in the Highway/Public Works department. Topics covered include crush zone hazards, basic industrial safety, proper PPE, and more! To extend this knowledge to the advanced level, new hires can build on the basic certification courses by enrolling in nine additional courses to increase their training for on-the-job safety.

Middle Management | Basic and Advanced Levels

For more experience Highway/DPW professionals, the middle management certifications are focused on additional safety protocols with a heavy focus on analyzing current job practices and prevention. It is designed to provide safety awareness training for day-to-day operations. Learn about OSHA requirements, physical stresses for job tasks, and how to properly evaluate hazards in your work environment to promote safety among employees.

Upper Management

This training consisting of nine hours of courses addresses overall employee safety and HR related concerns. From behavior-based safety issues to emergency communication plans, managers will learn how to prepare, address, and recognize safety concerns within the workplace. This certification provides the right tools to create a safe work environment.

At the end of each course participants must successfully complete a short quiz to receive a certification of completion acknowledging the level of their achievement.

Questions? Please contact Safety Training Coordinator, Sigrid Vompa at