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History of PERMA

The Public Employer Risk Management Association, Inc. (PERMA) is New York’s largest self-insured provider of workers’ compensation for public entities. It insures more than 50,000 public employees in every region outside of New York City.

Founded in 1982, PERMA has been administered by iterations of its current management company since 1989. This level of stability allows PERMA to be at the forefront of workers’ compensation administration.

PERMA introduced its signature product, PERMACare in 1992. Its goal: aggressive treatment and a return to work. One year after PERMACare debuted, membership jumped 35 percent. PERMA then turned its attention to workplace safety, forming the Safety Advisory Committee (now Safety Council) and holding its first members conference in 1995. By 2000, membership had grown to over 200 members.

PERMA now has 535 member municipalities with more than $55 million in contributions and more than $153 million in assets. It has been recognized 16 consecutive years with a Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).

Services Overview

PERMA’s prowess in claims administration has been proven time and again through the testimonials of claimants and employers, as well as independent audits. The last audit, conducted in 2015, rated PERMA claims service SUPERIOR, with an overall score of 98%.

The claims team is as committed to the fundamentals established by PERMACare, 25 years ago, as the risk management team is to PERMA’s workplace safety core values.

Offering online, onsite, regional, and statewide trainings, PERMA can meet whatever safety need a member has. And with the recent addition of data analytics, PERMA can tailor risk management offerings both to individual members, and on a pool-wide basis. Recent statewide programs informed by data analytics include crossing guard training development and police equipment pilots.

Eligible Members

New York State municipal organizations that wish to join PERMA must have taxing authority and a unique (not shared) Federal Employer Identification Number. These stipulations exclude certain municipal types from membership, including ambulance companies, housing authorities, and community colleges. However, the vast majority of municipalities are eligible for PERMA membership. PERMA’s membership currently includes:

Bridge authorities
Development authorities
Fire districts
Park districts

Parking districts
Port districts
Sanitation districts
Urban renewal districts

Water boards and districts
Water pollution control districts

Claims Administration

PERMA has built its reputation on its steadfast care of injured workers, its communication with employers, and its holistic view of the workers’ compensation industry. The claims staff consists of approximately 30 professionals arranged into teams that include adjusters and managers of different responsibility levels. They operate in a structure that was praised when the teams and its processes were audited in 2015 by the public entity consulting firm of Bickmore… More

Member Contributions & Broker Commissions

PERMA bills members directly for annual contributions and audit reconciliation billings. Payments are due on the 15th of the month, and for members billed annually, there is a 2% discount for paying in full before the 15th. Commission payments are generally made the third week of the month, and a member must have made a payment by the 15th in order for commission to be paid that month. PERMA uses an automated clearing house (ACH) system for all broker transactions, so all commissions are paid electronically… More

Member Services

PERMA’s reputation is burnished by its member services offered, including an easy-to-navigate website, risk management services, and an abundance of training and educational events. provides a simple way to file first reports of injury and access risk management features. Our risk management program utilizes data analysis, in-house specialists and partner vendors to address every aspect of risk & workplace safety. And PERMA puts on two conferences, four to six regional meetings, and dozens of risk management trainings are held throughout the year… More