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History of PERMA

PERMA, Public Employer Risk Management Association, Inc. is a member-owned, not-for-profit association of public entities providing risk management services and workers’ compensation coverage through a group self insurance program. PERMA was founded in 1982 to provide local units of government with a cost-effective alternative to traditional workers’ compensation programs and to improve the quality of services provided to injured employees.

Its’ staff of approximately 65 professionals provides claims management services, as well as nurse case management, risk management, coverage underwriting, and member services.

PERMA now has over 550 member municipalities with more than $56 million in contributions and more than $300 million in assets. It has been recognized 17 consecutive years with a Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).

Services Overview

PERMA’s claims handling has been awarded a “Superior” rating by Bickmore, the experienced and credentialed claims professionals that serve PERMA members provide steadfast care to injured workers, excellent communication with employers, and a holistic view of the workers’ compensation industry. Consistently exceeding the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board Compliance threshold and state averages, ensuring timely reporting of new losses, claim compensability determination, and that eligible injured workers receive benefits quickly.

Our risk management program is dedicating to preventing injury by taking a tailored analytical approach to resources and solutions to reduce risk and injury while on the job for each of our members.

At PERMA, workers’ compensation is about more than claims and safety. Through conferences, webinars, and annual on-site visits, PERMA member services help inform, educate, and connect New York municipalities.

Eligible Members

New York State municipal organizations that wish to join PERMA must have taxing authority and a unique (not shared) Federal Employer Identification Number. These stipulations exclude certain municipal types from membership, including ambulance companies and community colleges. However, the majority of municipalities are eligible for PERMA membership. PERMA’s membership currently includes:

Bridge authorities
Development authorities
Housing authorities
Fire districts
Park districts

Parking districts
Port districts
Sanitation districts
Urban renewal districts

Water boards and districts
Water pollution control districts

Claims Administration

PERMA has built its reputation on its steadfast care for injured workers, communication with employers, and holistic view of the workers’ compensation industry. To maintain this reputation, PERMA’s administrator hires the most experienced and credentialed claims professionals to serve PERMA members. Learn more about our Claims team and experience here.

Member Contributions & Broker Commissions

PERMA bills members directly for annual contributions and audit reconciliation billings. Payments are due on the 15th of the month, and for members billed annually, there is a 2% discount for paying in full before the 15th. Commission payments are generally made the third week of the month, and a member must have made a payment by the 15th in order for commission to be paid that month. PERMA uses an automated clearing house (ACH) system for all broker transactions, so all commissions are paid electronically… More

Member Services

PERMA’s reputation is not only built on its’ claim service, but through its’ service commitment to each of its’ members. Our 96% retention rate exemplifies our dedication to member satisfaction. The member services department serves as advocates for our members, providing quality service and assuring member satisfaction, as well as maintaining the stability of the PERMA program.

The Department consists of both internal and external representatives, all of whom meet the needs of members, should questions or issues arise.… More