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For over 30 years, PERMA has been providing municipal employers across New York State with the best possible workers’ compensation coverage for the most reasonable cost.

Since 1982, Public Employer Risk Management Association, Inc. (PERMA) has been devoted to providing workers’ compensation protection and risk management services to public employers throughout New York State. In the past 34 years, PERMA has grown to become the largest self-funded municipal workers’ compensation pool in New York.

There are three keys to our success


Comprehensive coverage appropriately priced.

PERMA covers municipal employees under the general workers’ compensation statute, provides unlimited employers liability coverage, and volunteer fire and ambulance worker benefits.


As a non-profit organization, we specialize in local government.

PERMA has no profit margin, no stockholders, and we do not have to pay any premium taxes. We are a non-profit association created and governed by local officials. Our board of directors is comprised of members and state association partners.

Currently, PERMA has members who are:

  • Bridge authorities
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Development authorities
  • Fire districts
  • Libraries
  • Park districts
  • Parking districts
  • Port districts
  • Sanitation districts
  • Schools
  • Towns
  • Urban renewal agencies
  • Villages
  • Water boards and districts
  • Water pollution control districts


We focus on, and emphasize, excellent service and personal attention.

It starts in the claims department, which promptly manages each claim, providing the best care to the injured employee while controlling costs. And it continues with comprehensive risk management services, assigned as critical needs are identified, ensuring a safe workplace, maintaining PESH and OSHA standards, and preventing work-related injuries, illnesses and accidents.

What you see throughout PERMA is personal attention. Taking care of the member and keeping the workplace safe and productive is what PERMA is all about.


PERMA can provide personal attention because of its long-standing relationship with Northeast Association Management Inc. (NEAMI), which has administered PERMA since 1995. NEAMI, with its staff of approximately 80 professionals, provides claims management services, as well as nurse case management, loss control, coverage underwriting and general member services.

NEAMI prides itself on the quality and professionalism of its employees. Only the highest qualified, best-suited people are recruited to serve the PERMA membership. NEAMI enjoys a low turnover rate, and the claims staff receives exceptionally high claimant satisfaction scores – in the 90th percentile year after year.


PERMA was founded, and remains today, as a self-insured municipal pool.

Different from traditional insurance, municipal pools are organizations owned and governed collectively by their governmental entities. Municipal pools are formed all over the country to address a multitude of risks, including property loss, employee benefits, and, in PERMA’s case, workers’ compensation.

PERMA offers workers’ compensation, employers liability, volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers benefit law coverage, and scheduled and secondary medical coverage for volunteers.

You can learn more about the rules and regulations that govern PERMA by visiting the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board Self-Insurance Office.


PERMA provides a wealth of services to our 500+ municipal members. First among them is claims handling awarded a “Superior” rating by Bickmore in 2015. The experienced and credentialed claims professionals that serve PERMA members provide steadfast care to injured workers, excellent communication with employers, and a holistic view of the workers’ compensation industry. The PERMA claims structure has been particularly singled out as helping to reach optimal outcomes and mitigate claims cost. Case analysts are assigned losses they are best equipped to handle, and nurse patient advocates work on lost time claims from the beginning.

PERMA utilizes third-party providers such as diagnostic networks and pharmacy benefit managers to save money on each employee visit through disability management and cost containment. And initiatives such as transitional duty programs and wellness program grants administered by nurse patient advocates encourage workers’ general wellness and ensure a safe workplace.

PERMA is as dedicated to preventing injuries as we are to taking care of injured workers. We do so through a risk management program that uses technology to augment traditional loss control methods. We encourage each member to pursue a detailed risk analysis of their loss history and safety efforts. Risk profiles created from analysis illuminate high-risk areas and recommend application of targeted risk services, which may include:

  • Program and systems audits & assistance
  • Materials training, including personal protective and large equipment
  • OSHA/PESH regulatory training
  • Ergonomic reviews
  • Physical hazard audits

PERMA also maintains specialized guidance and assistance for police and public works, the two largest drivers of claims within the PERMA pool. Programs offered include human resources assistance, crossing guard training, PTSD referrals, and trenching and confined space training.

Board of Directors

PERMA Is Governed by Public Officials – Elected from among the Membership

Stephen Altieri

Town Administrator for the Town of Mamaroneck
740 West Boston Post Road
Mamaroneck, NY 10543
Ph 914-381-7810
Fax 914-381-7809

Beth Hunt

Treasurer for the County of Hamilton
County Courthouse, Box 206
Route 8
Lake Pleasant, NY 12108
Ph 518-548-7911
Fax 518-548-4519

Jack Wheeler

County Manager for Steuben County
3 East Pulteney Square
Bath, NY 14810
Ph 607-664-2245
Fax 607-664-2282

Joseph Hogenkamp

Treasurer for the City of Tonawanda
200 Niagara Street
Tonawanda, NY 14150
Ph 716-695-1800
Fax 716-695-8315

John T. Pierpont

Village Manager for the Village of Pelham Manor
4 Penfield Place
Pelham Manor, NY 10803
Ph 914-738-8820
Fax 914-738-8817

Marcus Serrano

City Manager for the City of Rye
1051 Boston Post Road
Rye, NY 10580
Ph 914-967-7404
Fax 914-967-4604

Stephen Acquario

NYSAC Executive Director
540 Broadway, 5th Floor
Albany, NY 12207
Ph 518-465-1473
Fax 518-465-0506

Tim Kremer

NYSSBA Executive Director
24 Century Hill Drive, Suite 200
Latham, NY 12110
Ph 518-783-0200
Fax 518-783-0211

Leadership Team

NEAMI’s Leadership Team Overseeing PERMA Operations

Jerry Faiella

After serving on the Board for five years, Jerry Faiella has been named PERMA’s Interim Executive Director. Jerry has a wealth of municipal experience, including thirty-three years managing local governments in New York State.

As a former Executive…

Nick Gorgievski

Mr. Gorgievski acts as chief fiscal officer and is responsible for all PERMA financial activities. He is a key advisor to the President and Executive Vice President in planning and policy matters including management of PERMA’s investment portfolio.

Mr. Gorgievski…

Alfred G. Campney

Mr. Campney is responsible for the design and implementation of overall underwriting standards and profitability for all PERMA programs.

Mr. Campney directly oversees all marketing activities and develops and fosters relationships with brokers and business partners for NEAMI.


Karen Braman

Ms. Braman oversees all activities which service current PERMA members, including ensuring favorable contacts are made and maintained and resolution of all member issues/problems. She is responsible for the presentation of all coverage renewal pricing indications to PERMA members and…

Rich Hayes

Mr. Hayes performs claims loss tracking activities for PERMA members.

Mr. Hayes is also responsible for overseeing claims administration, as well as developing and achieving departmental goals and management plans within the Claims department.

Debbie Stickle

Ms. Stickle develops loss control initiatives for PERMA members on an individual and basis and for the organization as a whole through the utilization of historical data and predictive analytics.

Ann Gergen

Ann Gergen advises NEAMI executive management and projects. Ann has 25 years of public sector employment and experience in local government management, emergency services, risk management, claims, pooled insurance services and operations.

Ann held various positions, including program manager (employee…



What type of workers’ compensation provider is PERMA?


We are a self-insurance pool, comprised of New York State municipalities


Does PERMA use a third-party administrator?


Yes. PERMA has used NEAMI since 1995.


How many members does PERMA currently have?


Over 550 cities, counties, towns, villages, school districts, fire districts and other special districts have chosen to become PERMA members


What determines each entity’s annual contribution to the pool?


The annual contribution is determined by an entity’s loss history, the size and distribution of their annual payroll, and the loss cost rate as determined by the state on a yearly basis.


What is Joint and Several Liability?


Joint and Several is a common practice of self-insured groups stipulating that all members of the group are liable for all losses. This can lead to annual assessments to make up for funding shortfalls and future assessments should a group be declared financially insolvent by the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). However, PERMA’s growing membership practically guarantees solvency. The WCB has confidence in PERMA and other municipal self-insured groups because their members have the taxing authority to honor long-term claim obligations.


If I want to leave my current workers’ comp coverage provider, is there a penalty?


If you are leaving your current provider at the end of your policy term, you must submit to them a Letter to Reserve at least 30 days prior to the renewal date. This alerts your provider that you are considering leaving. If you are currently the member of a self-insured county pool, there may be a buyout you must pay in order to leave that pool. If you are trying to leave your current carrier provider before your policy term is expired, they may issue you a short-rate penalty.


Is there a cost to receive a PERMA quote?


Getting a quote is free and you are under no obligation to bind with PERMA upon receiving your quote.

Get a Quote

Interested in what PERMA might be able to do for you?

Request a free quote through our online application

Upon receipt, additional information will be requested from you by email, including:

  • Currently valued loss runs
  • Current payroll by class code or budget
  • Supplemental application(s) – for county groups, schools, and volunteer fire entities

If your organization is large, a risk management pre-inspection will be conducted.

What happens next?

Once all information is received, a PERMA underwriter will evaluate and provide you with a quotation that best reflects your expected losses.

If you decide to join PERMA, paperwork for the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board Self-Insurance Office will need to be completed and signed, and an entry fee of 3% of your contribution will need to be paid.

Throughout the process, the marketing team will be available to answer questions and assist you in any way possible. Have questions now? Ask Leah.