2019 Fall Education Conference | PERMA

2019 Fall Education Conference


October 21st & 22nd
Belhurst Castle, Geneva, NY

Monday, October 21st

Session I: Employers Have Rights, Too

Presented by Christopher Maugans, Esq., Goldberg & Segalla

This session will focus on the intersection of workers’ compensation, human resources, and labor law to help attendees understand their rights and recourses in the event of uncooperative employees. Topics covered will include: pre-employment screenings, performance management, leave of absence administration, multiple leaves of absences and returning to employees to work, managing the malingerer and how to utilize Civil Service Law provisions to terminate employees who can’t return to work, and more.

Session II: The Legalization of Marijuana in New York State

Presented by Heather Trela, Director of Operations and Fellow, Rockefeller Institute of Government

Last year, Governor Cuomo created a state panel to create legislation for the legalization of marijuana in New York State. With a recent passage of decriminalization, the state continues to move forward with full legalization. This session will review current status of legislation, the economic growth opportunities/current challenges, and the overall fiscal implications for local government, how states are legalizing under federal prohibition, and estimates of the size of the marijuana market.

Session III: The JANUS Decision Implications for New York Unions

Presented by Paul Sweeney, Partner, Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP

Last June, the Supreme Court ruled that unions cannot collect fees from non-members. This decision has had wide implications for New York State- the nation’s most heavily unionized public sector. Unions may see weakened membership; however, municipalities could ultimately benefit. This session will provide a background of the momentous Janus decision, how the largest unions are already responding, and how municipalities can handle the implications.

Tuesday, October 22nd

Session IV: New York State Tax Cap

Presented by Austin Aldag, Cornell University – City & Regional Planning

As the New York State tax cap continues to remain a concern for municipal budgets, this session will outline the basics and discuss several important aspects of the provisions. Topics will include reviewing strategies for managing revenue, tax base growth factors, county based shared services solutions, additional funding opportunities and compliance.


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