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NYS Coronavirus Update

As Governor Cuomo begins to open regions across New York, our daily operations will continue to be fully remote until June 30th.
Click below to access our COVID -19 resources. 

NYS Department of Health has developed a real time interactive workbook to outline current county trends for COVID-19 which includes county specific conducted tests, positive cases, fatality rates, gender breakdowns, daily trends and more.

Please visit the NYS DOH COVID – 19 tracker here to see your county specific data. For additional guidance in regional openings, check out our Members COVID resource area or the New York Forward initiative guidance.

Statewide Testing Data as of July 1, 2020. Updated July 2, 2020.

Total Persons Tested Total Tested Positive % Positive Results New Positives 7/1 Total
Persons Tested 7/1
Grand Total 4,041,593 394,954 9.8% 875 69,945
All NYC 1,827,198 215,902 11.8% 427 31,777
NYS Excluding NYC 2,214,395 179,052 8.1% 448 38,168